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  • Windows XP
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Versions of Medieval Total War Gold Edition

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Version License Language O.S.
Medieval Total War Gold Edition 02/08/11 Trial version English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

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Medieval: Total War - Gold. Massive in scope, but intuitive in implementation, Medieval: Total War allowsplayers to take control of one of twelve world powers as they attemptto rewrite history through a mixture of trade, diplomacy, resourcemanagement and wars of conquest.

Featuring an incredibly powerful 3Dengine, the game supports real-time 3D battles of more than 10,000troops and more than 100 unique unit types, including knights, infantryand siege engines, in terrain as varied as deserts, forest, plains andmountains.

Players will utilize authentic battle strategies and tacticsas they unleash their forces against medieval castles and mightyfortresses with an arsenal of battle-field weapons including long-bows,muskets, cannons and catapults which can pound castle walls andbuildings to rubble.

In addition to real-time 3D combat, Medieval includes a turn-basedmode where players can build the empire that they need to support theirwar machine.

From the turn-based screen, players can manage the affairsof their kingdom by forging strategic alliances, creating trade routes,researching technology, constructing castles, deploying naval power,training warriors and generals and suppressing revolts.

The player's choice of nation will impact their overall strategy asmany battlefield units are culturally specific - English Longbowmenwill face Highland Clansmen while Teutonic Knights will charge intobattle against elite Turkish Janissaries.

As the game progressesnations will have to adapt or perish in the face of the technicalrevolution of gunpowder, which brings muskets and cannon to thebattlefield.

This variation between nations and cultures goes beyondthe battlefield to the economics, architecture and politics of fourcenturies of history - all of which is reproduced with fantasticaccuracy and attention to detail.

Medieval: Total War - Viking Invasion. Total War - Viking Invasion turns the clock back to 790AD, when theViking hordes descended from their Scandinavian strongholds to pillagetheir neighbors.

Control eight new factions, including the Vikings themselves, theSaxons, Scots, Irish, Welsh and Picts, and embark on a campaign todominate the British Isles.

With a wealth of new historical heroes, you can lead a range of newunits into battle, including Viking Berserkers, Saxon Huscarles andFyrdmen, while conducting sieges enhanced by the introduction offlaming arrows and boiling oil.

You can now plan reinforcements and scout enemy formations before taking to the field from a new pre-battle screen. In addition, there will be new playable factions and a new heavy weapon in the shape of the fearsome Organ Gun.


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